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Pasta and Wine

Restaurant & Bar

The food and drinks we serve at Hotel Square have been carefully selected to bring you the best that Scotland has to offer. We use fresh, seasonal and local ingredients, and are happy to cater to different dietary requirements. 

Our restaurant is open to non-residents, so please do give us a call if you would like to book a table.

See below for an example of our menu. Please bear in mind our menu changes with the seasons. 

Making Dough

Baked Camembert 

Half a round of baked Camembert served with grissini, tender-stem broccoli and chutney.

Soup of the day

Freshly made soup to reflect the season. Served with a slice of lightly toasted sourdough bread.

Prawn Scampi

Prawns dipped in tempura batter served with a selection of dips and a wee salad.

Chefs salad

Seasonal fruits and vegetables paired with a local cheese is served on a bed of leaves. Lightly dressed in vinaigrette.


An Italian classic. Sourdough bread is prepared with garlic and pesto and topped with a generous helping of herby tomatoes.


Sirloin Steak 

Cooked to your liking and served with skinny fries and fresh vegetables.

Rib-eye Steak

Cooked to your liking and served with skinny fries and fresh vegetables. 


Chicken wrapped in Parma Ham

Succulent chicken breast is wrapped in Parma Ham and pan fried to caramelise the ham to perfection. 


Wild Boar Cutlets

Wild boar cutlets grilled and served with a mustard and Roquefort cheese sauce.

Venison Stew

Rich and hearty stew flavored with bay leaves, red wine and cloves. Served with mashed potatoes. 

Stuffed butternut

Slow roasted butternut is stuffed with stir fry vegetables and rice. Topped with cheese and baked until oozy. 


Lemon Sorbet

Fresh and zesty, this sorbet is served with seasonal fruits.

Honeycomb Ice cream

Sourced from a local dairy, the honeycomb ice cream is served with shards of honeycomb and drizzled in our own honey. 

Berry Pavlova

Layers of crushed meringue, berry coulis and whipped cream. 


A selection of cheeses are paired with crackers, chutneys and fruit. 

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